Sellen is one of the the Puget Sound regions largest general contractors with a long legacy of projects under their belt, both small and truly monumental.

Local design and brand identity firm Incite Partners brought us in to rejuvenate an image library that had run its course. The goal was to capture dynamic moments of real workers on real job sites as they happened with no interference from the photographers… That’s photojournalism/documentary and that remains one of our favorite approaches to creating imagery.

With a giant residential tower and the massive Amazon project at our disposal, we spent two days shimmying up steel, finding unique vantage points, seeing new floors spawned before our eyes and were able to take in the rugged beauty of both the Sellen construction process and our mountain-hewn region.


We spent two days climbing around the ribbings and top floors of buildings with our Nikons unearthing unstaged hero shots.

  • DSLR Stills
  • On Location