The impeccably tasteful and infinitely talented Sam of Neversink Creative put us in touch with Anne from Romp to create the initial launchpad of images that would be there from day one for her new brand and serve to identify the feeling and nuances of the environment and space she endeavored to create.

We were dealing with a space and elements that needed to be artfully documented in a way that there would be heaps of images to be used for marketing, social media, newsletters and the website with the tricky part of the brief being to convey motion, energy, color and fun without actually showing the faces of any of the kids out of a reasonable concern for privacy.

We embraced this challenge the same as all that confronts us – Creative solutions to unique challenges.


We spent one day fully embedded in the Romp environment shooting pure photojournalism/documentary.

  • DSLR Stills
  • On Location