Diamond Parking is one of the Puget Sound’s leading parking managers and it was time for some new marketing collateral. We created commercial photography of real employees from ranging from cashiers to the president of Diamond operations for a comprehensive, personality-fueled marketing campaign lead by Seattle, Washington’s Incite Partners to illustrate that We Care.

Ring flash is a very stylized look and one that we were happy to employ here. The hallmark of this look is a tight shadow behind the subject on the backdrop. Regardless of stylization, the baseline of our job is to produce the look a client or art director are hoping to achieve in the the technical parameters needed – The exciting part of our job is going beyond this and focusing on the art of working through the nuances of a brief to elicit the most expression from models as possible for genuine, marked moments that are on-brand and visually stimulating.


Two days in studio on white seamless working again with ring flash to produce a wide range of looks, expression and gesture.

  • DSLR Stills
  • HMUA
  • Studio